Symbolic links on Samba server working from Mac OS XSymbolic links on Samba server working from Mac OS X

March 18, 2011

I am reevaluating my decision of becoming an Apple fan or not… And I tend towards becoming one. Just because of the excellent marketing and the excellent hardware! But the software isn’t that bad either!

Mac OS X, once you get a bit used to it, might become your favorite OS! Of course, it has its oddities, but… we all do! 🙂

Now… one of Mac OS X’s oddities is the fact that the Samba protocol implementation isn’t so brilliant. I have an Ubuntu box on which I run a Samba server. I have a shared folder, and in it I have created a symbolic link. When connecting from Mac OS X to that folder, the symbolic link can’t be followed (it appears to be a shortcut file, and when clicked, pops an error with the option to fix the link, but with no success either). From Windows, it worked fine.

The solution to this symbolic link issue was to add in the “general” group of the Samba server configuration file the following line:

unix extensions = off

My Samba configuration file is “/etc/samba/smb.conf”. I then restarted the Samba server and reconnected from Mac OS X, and it worked! It also works from Windows too 🙂

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  1. “general” group, I think you mean “global”. “global” is one of the three special sections in the “smb.conf” file.

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