Name: Daniel Bogdan Irimia

Location: currently living in Bucharest, Romania

Birthdate: 9th of April 1982


  • “Bogdan Petriceicu Hașdeu” National College in Buzău
  • “Politehnica University of Bucharest”, “Automatic Control and Computer” Faculty
  • Finished Master studies at the same university, on Advanced Automation field
  • Currently participating in a research program at the same faculty

Work: working at DigitAIR for more than 6 years. I am a programmer and project manager, but I’m doing all that is required to develop and operate productive and innovative services and products.


  • programming in C/C++ and .NET platform at an advanced level
  • programming in Java and Qt at an intermediate level
  • web programming in PHP at an advanced level
  • mobile programming in BREW, for iPhone and Windows Mobile
  • UNIX server administration (Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Solaris)
  • low-level programming (embedded systems development)
  • data transmission and communication protocols development
  • very technical, able to learn and to achieve goals  in short time


  • Ki Aikido (practicing for more than 2 years)
  • movies and TV (I am a fan of Star Trek, StarGate and Dr. House)
  • theaters and music concerts
  • I like social activities
  • reading

For more detailed information, read my résumé

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