This is a list of my most important projects I worked on or implemented myself. Most of them are for DigitAIR, the company I am currently working for, but some of them are also personal.

The projects are structured by platform and technology. More details and screenshots are available if you click the section title.


Because DigitAIR became the first authenticated BREW developer in Romania, and I was the main programmer on BREW then, I became quite proficient in programming on thins platform. The only operator in Romania to have BREW-enabled phones was Zapp, with which we began a fruitful collaboration.

First projects I worked on were a couple of content-delivery applications. The first, most important application was “Meteo”, an application that delivered weather information for Romania. Our main partners, ANM (National Meteorological Administration) provided the content. Then, I implemented a set of three applications that delivered content copyrighted by three main Romanian magazines: Gazeta Sporturilor (sports), FHM (men) and Cosmopolitan (women). Another application was TuneUP, a ringtone and wallpaper delivery application. The content came from our partners and collaborators.

With the introduction of a more capable phone, Zapp contracted us, as their main mobile software developing partner, to implement a thin messenger client and a thin mail client for Zapp E@zy. These two applications were embedded in the new phone’s firmware. These were my biggest projects I worked on, using BREW.


Starting with Zapp, and continuing with Vodafone and Cosmote, we became partners with the biggest operators in Romania. The collaboration with them started at first with the development of a content-delivery solutions – for Zapp on BREW, and for the others on their specific platforms, that translated finally to wap browser content.

With Vodafone we implemented a couple of portal applications, written in a custom XML scripting language. The first were Meteo (weather) and Gazeta Sporturilor (sports), these two also becoming our most successful applications then. We continued with Sapte Seri (events), HomeMade (user content) and others. With Cosmote, we developed for their content adaptation platform, iMode, applications for Meteo (weather), Gazeta Sporturilor (sports), Sapte Seri (events) and Look/Sana/Joy (food and health).

Gradually, the operators (especially Vodafone, with which we had a better relation) oriented more towards XHTML – the mobile phones became more capable of displaying complex content, and also became more standardized. We developed an XHTML page for Gazeta Sporturilor and implemented a new product, an RSS Feeds aggregator, contracted by Vodafone. These two products became our top users applications in Vodafone.


With the introduction of Yahoo! Widgets Engine and its growing popularity we started to explore this area of technology. My first project, which had an unexpected success, was the DigiWeather widget. At first it needed registration, and we had more than 45000 users in our database. Then, with the implementation of the new data repository for the weather site, we updated our data transmission path – the forecasts became more accurate and updated more efficiently.

Because we noticed the potential of the technology, I implemented a new widget, DigiStation. This project offered me the opportunity to learn new widget technologies – the new widget has been created for Yahoo! Widget Engine as well as for Windows Sidebar, MacOS Widget Engine and as a flash web widget.


We, at DigitAIR, realized the importance of Internet and the impact of this technology on our life. Thus, we tried to determine the trends and to stay in the lead. When user generated content started to become of interest, I implemented a YouTube-like site, with movie transcoding and with a mobile interface. This was the first Romanian service of this type, and still is the only one that has a mobile page with mobile-adapted content. I also developed a site with news from the mobile and gadgets world, called Rring!

Having a business collaboration with ANM (National Meteorological Institute), we implemented a Romanian weather portal. My contribution here was especially valuable for the back end repository implementation, for the server administration, security and optimization. This was the result of my interest in server administration, on Unix platforms (Ubuntu, FreeBSD and a bit of Solaris).


With the growing diversity of the technology, being a programmer and IT specialist means more than being focused on only one narrow field of knowledge. Being able to understand and use various technologies is an important plus, and I tried to keep this idea in my mind. I like being in trend with the latest technologies, to understand its basics and to find new opportunities. This resulted in various other projects, from C++ applications to server administration, from data transmission and protocols to electronics and automation. These are detailed in this section.

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